Get Tested For HAE

An HAE diagnosis is the first step to begin treatment of your sudden HAE attacks

Because hereditary angioedema (HAE) is usually passed down from parent to child, your family history is one of the most important diagnostic tools in determining whether you may have HAE.

If your doctor suspects that you have HAE, he or she will conduct blood tests, which can help confirm your HAE diagnosis. In most patients with HAE, laboratory results will appear as follows:

DiagnosisC4 LevelC1-INH AntigenC1-INH Function
Type 1 HAE Low Low Low
Type 2 HAE Low Normal Low
HAE with Normal C1-INH*
(previously referred to 
as Type 3 HAE)
Normal Normal Normal

*HAE with normal C1-INH includes FXII mutation and unknown cause subtypes.

It’s important to confirm your HAE diagnosis, so you can work with your doctor to discuss a treatment plan to manage your sudden HAE attacks.

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Dyax Corp. (Dyax) offers a Diagnostic Testing Refund Program to help eligible** patients cover the costs of their HAE diagnostic tests.

All you have to do is request an HAE diagnostic test from your physician and keep all receipts related to your HAE test in order to receive your refund. To find an HAE specialist in your area, visit   

To sign up for the program, fill out the form below or call 1-855-HAEHope (1-855-423-4673). A program kit will be mailed to you, explaining how you can get refunded for your HAE test-related costs.

**Persons enrolled in any government health care program, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare, and persons residing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island, or Michigan are not eligible to participate in Dyax's Diagnostic Testing Refund Program. If you are not eligible, Foundation Assistance may be available. Please call 1-855-HAEHope (1-855-423-4673) to learn more.

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